Natural Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

Maintaining high testosterone levels is important the older we get. Having healthy levels of testosterone is important for general health, disease risk, sexual function, body fat control, muscle gain and pretty much everything else. Testosterone isn’t just important for men. With all the health benefits that come with higher levels of testosterone, it is conclusive that it’s just as important for both genders. Below are some easy ways to increase testosterone naturally.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost testosterone and prevent any lifestyle related diseases. For obese men, they say that working out is more beneficial than any weight loss diet for increasing testosterone.
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The best exercise is resistance training like lifting weights or using resistance bands. High intensity interval training has also proven to be very effective. Taking caffeine or Creatine as supplements while working out will also increase your levels.

testosterone levels REDUCE STRESS  

Being under a lot of stress causes your body to release a lot of cortisol which actually blocks the effects of testosterone. Chronic stress and raised levels of cortisol can have a long-term effects on blocking testosterone. There are many ways to relieve stress after a long week at work or with the kids. Getting a massage, going to a spa or acupuncture. Making sure you avoid stress is vital to living a long healthy life.

LIMIT YOUR SUGAR INTAKE testosterone levels

Your testosterone level decrease after consumption of sugar which increases your insulin level. The average American consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day. Foods that contain high level of sugar and fructose like grains or pasta should be limited. Just be aware of what your consuming and make sure the sugar levels are low or not at all. Cut back on soda, candy or even sports drinks since they are all high in sugar.


Saturated fats found in certain foods is a great way to naturally and easily boost your testosterone. Diets with less than 40 percent saturated fats has shown to decrease levels. some good healthy fats are in: testosterone levels

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testosterone levels OPTIMIZE VITAMIN D & ZINC INTAKE

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that naturally increase your levels. Vitamin D deficiency is a big epidemic in the US due to people not spending enough time in the sun. To have a healthy level of vitamin D you need more sun exposure or consume Vitamin D3 supplements.

Taking Zinc supplements for as little as six weeks has proven to increase levels of testosterone. It is thought that around 45% of adults suffer from low zinc intake and levels. Sources of zinc include raw milk, cheese, beans and yogurt.

GET PLENTY OF RESTtestosterone levels

8 hours a night is the recommended amount of time a person should sleep on average. Keeping up with proper rest is not only beneficial for testosterone boosting but your overall health. Studies show someone sleeping only 5 hours a night will have a 15% reduction in their levels. Another study shows for every additional hour you sleep you gain 15% higher levels.


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